The Macau Institute of Financial Services has introduced the online exam preparation solutions offered by Kaplan to Macau, aiming to support local candidates to prepare and pass the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) exam.

CFA: Achieve the Highest Distinction Investment Designation in the World
Described by The Economist as the “gold standard”, the CFA Program is a widely acknowledged qualification for evaluating the skill, experience, and ethics of professionals who are looking to excel in the field of investments. The acquisition of the CFA Charter in Macau or anywhere across the world exhibits a comprehensive understanding of advanced investment and portfolio management, that will open multiple opportunities in various stage of your career.

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Kaplan offers two flexible learning solutions to suit your learning preferences:

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Why Kaplan for CFA Exam Prep

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What Kaplan Students Say
“I always choose my learning partner very carefully, making sure that I am getting the right professional qualification. Kaplan helped me to achieve it in the right way! Kaplan trainers have strong financial backgrounds and are highly experienced in teaching for professional examinations. They do not just teach the knowledge, but also dynamically share their professional experience and explaining exam-taking techniques.”
Marcus Lo (watch video)

“Kaplan trainers explained the difficult investment concepts well and make them easier to understand. They help me master the exam and achieve maximum results in both exam and career.”
Anthony Tran (watch video)

“I have passed CFA Level I exam with total grade among the top 10% of global candidates. Since thanks to my trainer for his great teaching and to Kaplan for the extremely excellent course design and course materials. Without the help, I might not be able to achieve this result at all.”
Esther Liu Yangzi

“Kaplan’s prep course is incredibly helpful. We had a great teacher – engaging, enthusiastic, helpful and highly exam-focused. I’m grateful for his detailed, step-by-step approaches in teaching us how to answer exam questions.”
Sarah Peterson

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Kaplan is one of the world's largest and most diverse education providers. Providing career and academic success for companies and professionals has been our only business since 1938. Annually, Kaplan trains over 1 million students worldwide and 10,000+ global businesses, including the top banks and Big 4. Our powerful learning solutions are backed by global course design and research, tabled by Kaplan’s trainers, instructional designers and learning scientists with years of expertise and experience.

In Hong Kong, Kaplan is most well known for our expertise in financial and accountancy training, making us Hong Kong’s No. 1 CFA prep provider. Kaplan is the trusted CFA prep provider for Hong Kong’s top banks, investment houses, accounting firms and business schools. We design all of our programs to meet our client’s challenges by gaining an in-depth understanding of the organization’s culture and derive at most-suited delivery mechanisms - through collaborative customization. Contact Ms Janet Sin for more information.

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^ Only applicable to students enrolled in 2021 Education and/or Revision Phase. Extension will only be applied once. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the course brochure for details.