For applying courses organized by the Macau Institute of Financial Services (IFS), students should read and agree to the rules and conditions set forth in the “Course Handbook” including the collection of personal data for the purpose stated.

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The courses organized by IFS this year are shown below:

 ☑ Open for Enrolment:

Ref. No.Course NameCourse Schedule

The Principles and Applications of Index Futures

April 24 & 26

Introduction to Fund Investment

April 30 & May 2

  Enrolment Closed:

Ref. No.Course NameCourse Schedule

Overview of Employment Injury Insurance in Guangdong and Macau

April 2 (Full)

Sales Master

April 9 & 11 (Full)

Introduction to Financial Insurance

April 8 & 10 (Full)

Bond Market and Financial Development in Macao

April 15 & 16 (Full)

Adverse Selection in the Insurance Industry

April 15 (Full)

Courses Completed in 2023:

Ref. No.Course Name
IFS-2023-02Theory and Application of the Macao Trust Law
IFS-2023-03Introduction to Cross-Boundary Wealth Management
IFS-2023-04Sales Master
IFS-2023-05Introduction to Financial Insurance
IFS-2023-05Cyber Insurance
IFS-2023-07Insurance (Module IV) – Pension Fund
IFS-2023-08 & 09Macau Anti-Money Laundering Courses
IFS-2023-10Reputational Risk Management in Financial Institutions
IFS-2023-11Introductory Courses on Financial Knowledge (I):  Overview of Financial Systems and Markets
IFS-2023-12Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets
IFS-2023-13Social Responsibilities of the Financial Services Industry
IFS-2023-14Macao and Mainland Taxation Regime
IFS-2023-15Practical Knowledge in Bond Markets  
IFS-2023-16Corruption Prevention Regime
IFS-2023-17Insurance (Module II) – Non Life Insurance
IFS-2023-18Overview of Home Insurance
IFS-2023-19Property Damage Insurance for Large Enterprises
IFS-2023-20Investment Instruments and Financial Planning
IFS-2023-21Problem Loan Management
IFS-2023-22Bond Market and Financial Development in Macao
IFS-2023-23Workplace Persuasion Skills
IFS-2023-24Personal Data Protection Regime in Macau
IFS-2023-25Professional Liability Insurance
IFS-2023-26Overview of Macau Automobile Insurance Regime
IFS-2023-27RMB Internationalization and Assets Allocation
IFS-2023-27Risk Management for Financial Institutions
IFS-2023-29Introduction to International Finance
IFS-2023-30Basic Banking Knowledge
IFS-2023-31Complaint Management and Regulatory Requirements
IFS-2023-32Improving Workplace Productivity
IFS-2023-33Overview of Life Insurance Products and Product Governance
IFS-2023-36Individual and Group Medical Insurance
MMA-2023-01Professional Negotiation Skills
MMA-2023-02Business Communication and Closing Skills
MMA-2023-03The Basics of the Metaverse and Blockchain
MMA-2023-04Overview of Macao Registration and Notarization Law
MMA-2023-05The Property Law and Obligation Law of Macao
MMA-2023-06Anti-bribery and Compliance Audit workshop