For applying courses organized by the Macau Institute of Financial Services (IFS), students should read and agree to the rules and conditions set forth in the “Course Handbook” including the collection of personal data for the purpose stated.

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The courses organized by IFS this year are shown below:

 ☑ Open for Enrolment:

Ref. No.Course NameCourse Schedule

Introduction to Financial Insurance

Arp. 04, 06

Improving Workplace Productivity

Arp. 03

  Enrolment Closed:

Ref. No.Course NameCourse Schedule

Personal Data Protection Regime in Macau

Mar. 7 & 9 (Full)

Investment Instruments and Financial Planning 

Mar. 6 (Full)

Professional Liability Insurance

Mar. 9 (Full)

RMB Internationalization and Assets Allocation

Mar. 13 & 15 (Full)

Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Mar. 14 & 16 (Full)

Introduction to International Finance

Mar. 17 (Full)

Overview of Macau Automobile Insurance Regime

Mar. 20 & 22 (Full)

Basic Banking Knowledge

Mar. 21, 23, 28, 30

Complaint Management and Regulatory Requirements

Mar. 24

Insurance (Module IV) – Pension Fund

Mar. 27

Courses Completed in 2022:

Ref. No.Course Name
IFS-2022-01Practical Financial Document Writing
IFS-2022-03Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets
IFS-2022-04Macao and Mainland Taxation Regime
IFS-2022-06Personal Data Protection in the Greater Bay Area
IFS-2022-07Quality Customer Services
IFS-2022-08Sales Master
IFS-2022-09Risk Management for Financial Institutions
IFS-2022-10騰訊飛騰加速器 — 金融科技創新趨勢及應用線上培訓課程 (不納入CPD)
IFS-2022-11Introduction to Cross-Boundary Wealth Management
IFS-2022-12Workplace Communication Skills
IFS-2022-13The Principles and Applications of Index Futures
IFS-2022-14Product Liability Insurance
IFS-2022-15Project Insurance and Construction All Risks Insurance
IFS-2022-17Regulatory Aspects of Financial Planning in Macao
IFS-2022-18Professional Liability Insurance
IFS-2022-19Stress Management
IFS-2022-20Selling Skills for Financial Services
IFS-2022-21Introduction to Fund Investment
IFS-2022-22Introduction to International Finance
IFS-2022-23Complaint Management and Regulatory Requirements
IFS-2022-24Professional Ethics for Financial Practitioners
IFS-2022-25Overview of Home Insurance
IFS-2022-26Anti-Money Laundering - Risk Categorization and Enhanced Due Diligence Process
IFS-2022-27Positive Thinking
IFS-2022-28~32Insurance Course
IFS-2022-33Bond Market and Financial Development in Macao