CPD Activities - FAQs

1. Which is the assessment authority of the CPD Programme for the insurance intermediaries ?

Macau Institute of Financial Services (IFS) has been appointed by Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) as the assessment authority of the CPD Programme for insurance intermediaries.


2. How to apply for the assessment of a CPD activity ?

The applicant has to submit a duly filled application form along with course materials, handouts, lesson plans and the résumé of instructors for assessment by IFS. Applicants should also pay the respective assessment fees to IFS when submitting applications. All forms required are downloadable from IFS website.

3. What is the assessment criteria ?

Please check on our website for "The assessment criteria" which is established by AMCM and IFS.  


4. What subjects are qualified for the CPD activities ?

A total of 42 designated subjects (including 25 insurance related and 17 non-insurance related) are applicable to CPD actitivities. Please check on AMCM Notice No. 010 /2017.

5. How about courses on products, language and generic IT skills. Are these qualified as CPD activities ?

No. Such subjects do not fall under the 42 designated subjects of CPD activities, according to the AMCM Notice No. 010/2017.

6. How long will it take for IFS to give notification of result of the CPD assessment ?

Provided that all relevant documents have been submitted, IFS will give formal notification of the result of assessment or re-assessment in one month.

7. What would a CPD provider need to follow up after obtaining approval from IFS for a CPD activity ?

CPD provider should inform IFS the timetable (including name, date and time, venue) of the CPD activities scheduled monthly by email on/before 5th of every month. A formal notification to IFS is required if there are any subsequent changes related to the venue or time.


8. Where can I find some information about the approved CPD activities ?

Approved CPD activities are published on IFS website.

9. What happens if someone is late (arriving 15 minutes later than the start time of class) for a CPD activity ?

In this case, one CPD hour will be deducted.

10. Does a CPD Activity which has been approved in Hong Kong still need to be submitted for CPD Assessment in Macau ?

Yes. All CPD Activities for local insurance intermediaries are subject to IFS’s approval.


11. If I have not attended all sessions of the CPD course (say 1 module is missing), will I obtain the CPD hours that I have attended ?

It depends. Participants should be granted CPD certificates under the condition that one complete module of the course is duly attended, and only the actual attendance time will be regarded as CPD hours.

12. CPD Activities are applicable to insurance intermediaries with different licenses ?

Yes. They may choose their CPD activities based on their own needs.

13. How to enroll for a CPD activity ?

You can make enrollment in organizations which are eligible CPD activity providers.

14. Are online studies allowed for the CPD activities ?

Online mode can be applied to certain approved CPD activities which need to be executed in accordance with Online Course Guidelines.

15. Is the assessment fee refundable if the application for assessment is not approved ?

As the assessment fee is commensurate with the administrative procedures required for conducting the assessment, payment should be made in advance to IFS and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

16. What are the possible assessment outcomes of CPD activities ?

The possible assessment outcomes can be one of the followings: (1) Approved according to application conditions; (2) Conditionally Approved under additonal conditions; (3) Rejected.


17. What should CPD activity providers do concerning quality assurance ?

Activity providers should have a comprehensive mechanism to ensure the quality of the CPD activity, including attendance monitoring, class observation, class review, and follow-up actions to be taken relating to participants' feedback.

18. Is it necessary to obtain the approval from the IFS in advance if some changes will be introduced to an approved CPD activity ?

Not necessarily. Approval is needed only when significant changes are involved. Significant changes refer to, changes of activity title, class duration, contents, assessment method, venue, or instructors. When any significant changes will be introduced, IFS reserves the right to re-assess the CPD activity, and, suspend or revoke the approved status of the activity, or specify other conditions. Additionally, if the change request is considered substantial, IFS may impose a surcharge equivalent to 50% of the original re-assessment fee.

19. Is there a limited time period for the organization of the appoved CPD activity ?

Yes. Each CPD activity is subject to re-assessment on an annual basis. .

20. What happens when an approved CPD activity does not go through the annual re-assessment process ?

In this situation, the approved status of the CPD activity will be cancelled upon expiration. And, if the re-assessment application is submitted thereafter, it would be regarded as a new assessment application and the fee would be charged according to the assessment fee schedule.

21. Are CPD activities subject to reviews and inspections by any authority ?

Yes, IFS and AMCM may conduct onsite inspections for CPD activities. The objective of this is to ensure that the CPD activity is duly performed and effectively implemented.